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We offer delivery, shipping, & free pickups at market events.


FREE delivery only in

Tinley Park, New Lenox, Manhattan, Oak Forest, Frankfort, & Mokena.

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Get to know us:

Business Owner

Rae | Mother 

Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

  • Creator & maker of TDS Barks products

  • Sends the deliveries 

  • Answers messages, emails, & phone calls 


Kenzie, 19 | Daughter

  • Keeps track of product inventory

  • Updates the website

  • Creates the sales/deals

  • Creates the treat bundles 


Nick, 17 | Son

  • Helps restock inventory

  • Cashier

  • ​Market event aide

What are we?

Bosco's is a family-owned business and the only all-natural holistic store in New Lenox, IL. We specialize in dehydrated & freeze-dried products, grain free pet food, soft supplements, and so much more. Our products are made with five ingredients or less. All of our animal parts are 100% grass fed and 100% digestible. No GMO's, no harmful additives or preservatives, no splintering, and absolutely no rawhide. We are a safe, clean, and natural pet store for dogs and cats. 

Where do we get our products?

We deal with 4 farmers directly. The animal organs and body parts come from two farmers in Texas and Tennessee. Our bones, horns, and antlers are from a Canadian farmer. None of the animals are killed for sport or in a cruel manner, we believe in using all parts of an animal, so nothing goes to waste. Our honey and bee pollen are from a Frankfort farmer. We also carry Chew + Heal supplements and Fromm grain free pet food. All of our hygiene products, petnip, food toppers, frozen sweets, and baked treats are made by TDS Barks. TDS Barks is a brand the owner, Rae, created six years before opening Bosco's All Natural. 


Why did we create Bosco's?

We created Bosco's All Natural in memory of our family dog, Bosco. He lived a long and happy life, just not a healthy one. We came too late to the realization that a lot of the bones, treats, and dog food we were giving him, had a lot of harmful ingredients. Those ingredients gave him a skin rash, body tumors, and hip problems. The medication that was recommended wasn't working and he had a very slim chance of surviving any surgeries. We could tell he was in pain, and we had to make a very difficult decision. From that heart breaking moment, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bosco. After his passing, we decided to do more research in pet product guidelines and pet nutrition. We noticed there are a lot of unhealthy and unrecognizable ingredients in a lot of pet products, so we started making our own the natural way. We have given our new dogs a natural and healthy lifestyle, let us do the same for yours!

What happened to our brick and mortar?

Our store will be closed for the next couple of months. We left our old location because the space was too small. Our next location will be bigger and better! This year we will be busy with market events so come visit us in person there. Go to our "events" tab to see if we'll be in your town.  We still offer deliver, shipping, & free pickups. Delivery takes 20 minutes to 16 hours depending on what time the order was placed. Shipping is the standard 3-to-7-day arrival time. For pickups, please leave a note stating which market you would like to pick up your order because we do at least 4 different ones weekly. Thank you for continuing to support our family business. 

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